Month: March 2021

”We are pleased to say you got the job!”

Many of us have made transitions over the past few months but for some of us, we’re still waiting for that phone call following an interview saying ”we are pleased to say you got the job”.

If you are struggling to get past the interview stage then this is the episode for you. @serwa.smith joined us to let us know exactly what we need to be saying and doing to get it right and secure the bag.

Put some respec’ on it

In this episode we speak with Cherryl Cooper, not only more than twenty years in her profession but also with her company.

Cherryl offers a breath of fresh air as she speaks on what it means to develop meaningful connections and enhance the ethos of your place of work. As a Black Woman Working, who has ‘been in the game’ and continues to rise, we put some respec’ on it and take a back seat, to listen and learn to Cherryl’s melodic words of wisdom

There’s hope ladies.

Let’s Talk About It – #ChooseToChangeBruh

Ok let’s talk about International Women’s Day. Let’s really talk about inequality and illusions of progress. Let’s talk about the intersectionality between gender and race and how that positions conversations about our equality in the workplace, whilst ignoring wider systemic inequality amongst ‘other’ parts of our blackness.

Whilst we’re here can we (re)define what it means to be equal? Let’s talk about it, you’re going to love this one. Oh and Happy International Women’s Day, we ain’t mad at it, just needed to discuss a few things.

Thank you for your continued support. Remember to keep the conversation going – connect with us on social media @bwwpodcastuk

Labour of love

Welcome to Season 4 of the Black Women Working Podcast.

Whilst 2020 took its unpredictable twists and turns, this year we can use that experience to steer and direct our journeys this year.

What better way to kick start the season with an ‘assessment’ of the current labour market. We sat down with careers advisor Stephanie Ozuo – @flotuk and allowed her to share her take on how we should be approaching the labour market, perhaps in ways we had not considered.

Is it about finding the job you love or going with what the market has to offer?