Month: May 2021

The Dirty D!

Being a Black Woman Working is not enough! That’s right, we are saying the bag is not secure if it isn’t in the bank.

Whether it’s the deposit for a new home or for investing capital into a new venture, there has to come a point when we flip the script and make the money work for you.

We welcome @tolufrimpong, who helpfully shared her personal journey of how she and her husband adjusted both their mindset and lifestyle to have healthier financial management and planning and a fruitful bank balance after overcoming £36,000 worth of debt… no one wants the dirty d[ebt], so tune in and find how you can improve your financial wellbeing.

Mmm That’s Spicy

A light-hearted episode on the politics of food in the staff kitchen. Too many of us have been there and the BWW Team share stories on how they have navigated those moments that appear as innocent banter, curious questions, perhaps even microaggressions… maybe.

Lots of much needed giggles in the camp this week along with some sneaky tips about the practicalities around being savvy with our lunchtime spending and ensuring that food at work is aligned to our fitness and nutritional goals.