Month: June 2021

Compromise or Sacrifice?

Biology has it that we have no choice but to slow down and perhaps even stop if we take on the incomparable role of being a mum. But most of us are or will be working mums, so what does that mean? The BWWPodcast mama, Chantelle, shares her insights and experience of what it means to compromise or sacrifice in the world of being a working mother.

Let’s Talk About It – One Year Since The Black Square

This week the BWWPodcast Team sat down to discuss what it means to be one year on since ‘the black square’.

We explore the big question of what the black square meant and means for organisations where the performative nature of the black square stopped at the ‘black face’ of it, i.e. what we see in the marketing. Is having more black faces in one space, that is a single space, without actually creating a space, that does not facilitate diversity across the organisation and the needs of black people in the workplace enough?

We discuss we way in which we as black people, especially black female influencers, have been on the frontline, of adding diversity to the ‘black squares’. In what ways have we helped to make progress or did we put ourselves on the frontline of exploitation?

As with so many of our recent Let’s Talk About It segments, we conclude on the message of being comfortable with being uncomfortable. Let’s not be disillusioned and stay active in the way you know how.

As always, thank you for staying with us.