It’s the last episode of the season! We started the season with a creative and we are ending on the same note!

Joined by Funmi Olutoye and in this episode we are discussing Funmi’s journey into journalism, having taken what is considered to be the traditional route into this career.

Funmi shares the key features of her journey and what it meant to be supported by friends and family starting out in a career that can take a while to see the financial return.

We also discuss with Funmi how to manoeuvre with the gatekeepers of the profession and what some of our earlier themes of sisterhood and sponsorship looks like in the world of journalism. Yet another honest and insightful conversation.

We are delighted to share that this episode is sponsored by Head of Zeus Publishing, celebrating the release of ‘In Every Mirror She’s Black’ written by Lola Akinmade Akerstrom. You can purchase your copy from The Black Feminist Bookshop –…kinmade-akerstrom and we look forward to sharing our reflections on the book.

Episode Guests
Natalie, Tolu, Chantelle, Rachel