Month: December 2020

In case sh*t happens

Secure the bag and protect your peace!

In times of such uncertainty, we add to our stress or exacerbate our own poor health because we are obligated to go to work because of our personal financial responsibilities. It’s time to talk about insurance.
Amida of [@]sheinsures joins us to educate us on the different insurance options available, what we can insure against and of course why it is essential for us to consider.

Deuces, I’m out

Leaving a job can be extremely difficult, as you will be leaving what you have been used to for a period of time. How do we find the courage and confidence to leave a job? How do you know when enough is enough? What are the signs that it’s time to leave?

Listen in on our experiences on when we decided to take the step and leave, featuring our special guest host, and podcaster Debra Chosen.