Month: April 2021

From career to property ladder

We secure the bag, live our best lives and then realise ‘it’s time’ to fulfill other dreams and invest. So moving onto the property ladder… where to start? What to know? Who can help? Well look no further, Antoinette of @brickzwithtipz has graced us with her knowledge, dropping the major gems we should and need to consider as we turn to invest and grow our legacy.

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Don’t diss me, I’m able

Everyone brings diversity in some shape or form to the workplace. Diversity allows for creativity and growth. This is a really easy ‘concept’ to grasp if you consider gender, age, race but what about neurodiversity?

In this episode, we listen to Tyla – @autistictyla, founder of Black and neurodiverse – @blackandnd, who shares her experiences of navigating the workplace and ensuring that her needs are met regardless of her differences.

A great episode, especially if you are a leader at work.