Month: July 2021

Let’s Talk About It – Her biggest flex is rest

This week Olympic Champion, Simone Biles, withdrew her place at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics saying she needed to prioritise her mental health, a move that has brought praise from high-profile figures in sport, entertainment and politics.

The #BWWPodcastUK Team praise and rate it and we talk about why you should too.

Sit down, listen and most importantly, rest.

Let’s Talk About It – How to talk up da tings!

MP Dawn Butler was dismissed from parliament following her reference to the Prime Minister being a ‘liar’.

The #BWWPodcastUK Team sit down to share their adoration for seeing and hearing a fellow #blackwomanworking stand in her power and yes this is a sweet listen because ‘the ting feels sweet’.

…Opeyemi Sofoluke

Bringing you something new from The #BWWPODCASTUK Team… Hot off the press, we have read the newly released #twiceashard written by @opeyemisofoluke and her husband Raphael. Featuring contributions from a number of high flyers both near and far including the amazing @charlenewhite and the notorious Mathew Knowles, this book if packed with stories, anecdotes and practical tools for navigating success in the workplace as a black person.

Published by @DKBooks, available from many major outlets this is a book written to #empower#educate and #inform.

Thank you @opeyemisofoluke for joining us and sharing such honest insights into your own career experience which ultimately motivated the creation of #twiceashard