Month: October 2021

Minding Your Business

The Black Women Working Team work to promote mental and emotional wellbeing for all black women in the workplace.

In this episode, we’re joined by trainee Therapist Adele, we discuss how black women show up in the demographic of those seeking therapist and get to understand some of our personal and practical blocks when considering therapy.

This episode offers a unique insight to what it is like working as a black women in a field that can be considered as eurocentric in it’s approach but also Adele shares her own personal experiences of therapy and how that influences her practice.

Lean on me?!

Have you ever been lost in the sauce at work and you are not the chef? In fact you are the sauce. Enticed into signing up to a role, only to find that it definitely is not what you expected!

So often we take on extra responsibilities at work for development and progression but are we actually the beneficiaries or are we being exploited?

In this episode the BWW Team share experiences of how they have navigated this experience in the past and how they would approach such a situation now.