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Underrepresentation of black women at work

For all of our discussions on the experience of black women working, we’ve not hit on the fact that black women are underrepresented in all fields.

We shed light on the barriers that are placed on and maintained by ourselves, and consider the question of whose responsibility it it to ensure that black women are equally represented in the workplace.

Earning More Than Your Man

Episode 3 of the Black Women Working Podcast explores the somewhat controversial topic of ‘earning more than your man’. It is an interesting topic as we marry career against the backdrop of stereotypical gender roles.

For the most part, the men of 2020 are grown and see the big picture of our relationship goals – but we offer advice on how we might approach the conversation about our earnings with a partner and what might be some red flags.

Long Term Sickness

Having a long-term illness and living our lives can be a tricky balance to grasp emotionally, practically and financially.

As a black woman working, there seems to be a mixed dichotomy between being sick and being perceived as lazy, and in turn we fail to listen to ourselves and tend to ourselves and maintain the ‘strong black woman’ narrative.

This is such an insightful episode hearing from our guest who has sickle-cell.

Let’s Talk About It – Gabrielle Union and Terry Crews

Welcome back to Season 2 of the Black Women Working Podcast.
We are very excited to be back, especially with new topics and new content.

This is the first of a new segment called ‘Let’s Talk About It’ where we will be discussing current affairs relating to black women in the workplace.

This episode we explore the tense exchange between actress Gabrielle Union and actor Terry Crews and pose the question ‘should we look to black men as allies in the workplace?’ and more generally if and how do we support others when they raise workplace grievances.