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Compromise or Sacrifice?

Biology has it that we have no choice but to slow down and perhaps even stop if we take on the incomparable role of being a mum. But most of us are or will be working mums, so what does that mean? The BWWPodcast mama, Chantelle, shares her insights and experience of what it means to compromise or sacrifice in the world of being a working mother.

Let’s Talk About It – One Year Since The Black Square

This week the BWWPodcast Team sat down to discuss what it means to be one year on since ‘the black square’.

We explore the big question of what the black square meant and means for organisations where the performative nature of the black square stopped at the ‘black face’ of it, i.e. what we see in the marketing. Is having more black faces in one space, that is a single space, without actually creating a space, that does not facilitate diversity across the organisation and the needs of black people in the workplace enough?

We discuss we way in which we as black people, especially black female influencers, have been on the frontline, of adding diversity to the ‘black squares’. In what ways have we helped to make progress or did we put ourselves on the frontline of exploitation?

As with so many of our recent Let’s Talk About It segments, we conclude on the message of being comfortable with being uncomfortable. Let’s not be disillusioned and stay active in the way you know how.

As always, thank you for staying with us.

The Dirty D!

Being a Black Woman Working is not enough! That’s right, we are saying the bag is not secure if it isn’t in the bank.

Whether it’s the deposit for a new home or for investing capital into a new venture, there has to come a point when we flip the script and make the money work for you.

We welcome @tolufrimpong, who helpfully shared her personal journey of how she and her husband adjusted both their mindset and lifestyle to have healthier financial management and planning and a fruitful bank balance after overcoming £36,000 worth of debt… no one wants the dirty d[ebt], so tune in and find how you can improve your financial wellbeing.

Mmm That’s Spicy

A light-hearted episode on the politics of food in the staff kitchen. Too many of us have been there and the BWW Team share stories on how they have navigated those moments that appear as innocent banter, curious questions, perhaps even microaggressions… maybe.

Lots of much needed giggles in the camp this week along with some sneaky tips about the practicalities around being savvy with our lunchtime spending and ensuring that food at work is aligned to our fitness and nutritional goals.

From career to property ladder

We secure the bag, live our best lives and then realise ‘it’s time’ to fulfill other dreams and invest. So moving onto the property ladder… where to start? What to know? Who can help? Well look no further, Antoinette of @brickzwithtipz has graced us with her knowledge, dropping the major gems we should and need to consider as we turn to invest and grow our legacy.

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Don’t diss me, I’m able

Everyone brings diversity in some shape or form to the workplace. Diversity allows for creativity and growth. This is a really easy ‘concept’ to grasp if you consider gender, age, race but what about neurodiversity?

In this episode, we listen to Tyla – @autistictyla, founder of Black and neurodiverse – @blackandnd, who shares her experiences of navigating the workplace and ensuring that her needs are met regardless of her differences.

A great episode, especially if you are a leader at work.

”We are pleased to say you got the job!”

Many of us have made transitions over the past few months but for some of us, we’re still waiting for that phone call following an interview saying ”we are pleased to say you got the job”.

If you are struggling to get past the interview stage then this is the episode for you. @serwa.smith joined us to let us know exactly what we need to be saying and doing to get it right and secure the bag.

Put some respec’ on it

In this episode we speak with Cherryl Cooper, not only more than twenty years in her profession but also with her company.

Cherryl offers a breath of fresh air as she speaks on what it means to develop meaningful connections and enhance the ethos of your place of work. As a Black Woman Working, who has ‘been in the game’ and continues to rise, we put some respec’ on it and take a back seat, to listen and learn to Cherryl’s melodic words of wisdom

There’s hope ladies.