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Change is gonna come

As professionals, we initially choose a career based on success in our earlier years at school and invest time and money in navigating our success. But life is short and life in long and for many of us, there comes a point when we seek ‘something else’ in tuning into our skills and passions thus considering a career change.

In this episode, the team discuss how we manage the various challenges of making a career change, from the emotional to the financial.

Peng Black Girls with Estee Blu

We are back! Season 6 in the house!

The Black Women Working Team kick off with putting a beat in our step and discuss Black Women in the Music Industry with special guest Estee Blu.

As always we invite you to learn about how we as black women navigate our desires in industries that can feel as though they have the odd stacked against us.

In our first episode of the season, Estee Blu shares the ins and outs of how to transition from your day job to living your passion, the financial decisions behind the work and of course how to be without burning out. Another insightful episode from an industry that we’ve not touch on before.

Let’s Talk About It – Who’s Pressing for Compressed Working?

And another one… Let’s talk about the ‘four day working week’.

The Black Women Working team unpack the pros and cons of different sectors taking on the much talked about compressed working week.
Natalie and Chantelle discuss whether this is the answer to wellbeing at work or if there is still work to be done?

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Let’s Talk About It – On Thandiwe Newton’s Apology

Welcome back to another segment of ‘Let’s Talk About It’, where the Black Women Working Team breakdown their views on current affairs.

The BWW Team discuss the apology made by Thandiwe Newton to darker-skinned women in a recent interview.
Natalie and Chantelle unpick the impact of colourism across industry and dichotomy between individual and structural responsibility on matters of race to understand why the apology has been received with much criticism.

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Let’s Talk About It – Be a pretty little thing – Molly Mae

It’s a New Year and we are here to set the tone for the year! This year, our theme is ‘working on me’ and all of our intentions this year support Black Women in uncovering the best version of themselves for themselves.

Soooooo, in this episode we get down to why taking to challenge the ‘we all have the same 24hrs statement’ is not the best action to take.

This episode is a great step into the year, tune in, like, comment and share with a friend.

Unconscious Massa

One more time for the people at the back and the front it seems… THIS IS NOT A PLANTATION!

It’s the last episode of the season and we just wanted to share a reminder as we begin to think about our plans for the next year ahead.

In this episode, we are musing over the microaggressive behaviours of managers when it’s time to part ways. From questioning your ability to progress, yet adding impossible tasks to your to-do lists, to complete before you leave, because you’re the only one who can do the job.

Listen sis, hear us queens, always remember who are, what you bring and protect your peace.

The Private Professional

Let’s explore the rise, legitimacy, motivations and pressures of the side hustle. Having a side hustle is almost part of the fabric of being a black woman working. Whether it be baking bread for church, drop shipping or a whole second profession, it is not a foreign concept for us to have a passion that has perhaps become a job.

The BWW Team discuss the needs and necessities of having a side hustle, not just for financial gain but also for our wellbeing and how easy it is to strike a balance without being burnt out or being in breach of your work contract.

She’s A Runner, She’s a Track Star ft Anyika Onuora

Literally, she’s a runner, she’s a track star… Anyika Onuora, former Team GB athlete and Olympic medallist, joins the BWW podcast team to discuss her experiences of what it means to be a black woman working in the sports industry.

As always, in our candid reflections, we look back on the importance of having role models and cheerleaders at a young age in navigating, motivating and pushing us into competitive spaces like sport and the arts.

Straighten your Crown

Imagine actually only working with and for black women. Seems unreal at first thought but this is the beautiful experience for black women working in the hairdressing industry.

We reflect back on one of our earlier episodes on the topic of ‘hair’ in the workplace and the evolution of attitudes towards ‘appropriate’ hairstyles for work.

Andree Marie owner of Maison Style Hair based in Brixton, London shares all of the positive experiences and relationships she has had during her time in the industry.