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Minding Your Business

The Black Women Working Team work to promote mental and emotional wellbeing for all black women in the workplace.

In this episode, we’re joined by trainee Therapist Adele, we discuss how black women show up in the demographic of those seeking therapist and get to understand some of our personal and practical blocks when considering therapy.

This episode offers a unique insight to what it is like working as a black women in a field that can be considered as eurocentric in it’s approach but also Adele shares her own personal experiences of therapy and how that influences her practice.

Lean on me?!

Have you ever been lost in the sauce at work and you are not the chef? In fact you are the sauce. Enticed into signing up to a role, only to find that it definitely is not what you expected!

So often we take on extra responsibilities at work for development and progression but are we actually the beneficiaries or are we being exploited?

In this episode the BWW Team share experiences of how they have navigated this experience in the past and how they would approach such a situation now.

Entrepreneurish… Taking the leap

For many of us, 2020 bought out the space, desire, and perhaps even necessity to take hold and diversify our income streams. But what about those of us who took the ‘leap’ just before the pandemic hit?
The BWW Team have a candid conversation with Charlene Brown, Director of Howlett Brown on being your own boss. Charlene shares her experience of telling her boss that she’s leaving to building and upholding the culture of her organisation.

You gotta be flexible

Yes, we are back! Welcome to Season 5 of the Black Women Working Podcast.

We are very fortunate to have been able to continue creating content for you over the last year. Despite the limitations, we were able to make a few adjustments and do what we do. 

We’ve now come to a point where individuals and organisations are making decisions about to what extent we ‘go back to normal’. For most of us, we probably want a blend of the old and the new. 

In our first episode back, we explore our own personal experiences and options as we get ready to frame a new way of working.

…Shereen Daniels

Now this is a conversation not to be missed. The #BWWPodcastUK Team sat with Shereen Daniels, Managing Director of HR Rewired for a candid conversation on what it means to do the work leading to racial equity across all fields.

Shereen shares her journey as an self-employed, mother of two, being the authentic version of herself that she had supressed for so long, and why ultimately her organisation HR Rewired is necessary.

If you are tired, tired of racism, tired of activism, then Shereen is the energy that you need. She’s got that vibe!

Thank you for your support

Let’s Talk About It – Her biggest flex is rest

This week Olympic Champion, Simone Biles, withdrew her place at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics saying she needed to prioritise her mental health, a move that has brought praise from high-profile figures in sport, entertainment and politics.

The #BWWPodcastUK Team praise and rate it and we talk about why you should too.

Sit down, listen and most importantly, rest.

Let’s Talk About It – How to talk up da tings!

MP Dawn Butler was dismissed from parliament following her reference to the Prime Minister being a ‘liar’.

The #BWWPodcastUK Team sit down to share their adoration for seeing and hearing a fellow #blackwomanworking stand in her power and yes this is a sweet listen because ‘the ting feels sweet’.

…Opeyemi Sofoluke

Bringing you something new from The #BWWPODCASTUK Team… Hot off the press, we have read the newly released #twiceashard written by @opeyemisofoluke and her husband Raphael. Featuring contributions from a number of high flyers both near and far including the amazing @charlenewhite and the notorious Mathew Knowles, this book if packed with stories, anecdotes and practical tools for navigating success in the workplace as a black person.

Published by @DKBooks, available from many major outlets this is a book written to #empower#educate and #inform.

Thank you @opeyemisofoluke for joining us and sharing such honest insights into your own career experience which ultimately motivated the creation of #twiceashard